covid brain

Coping with COVID Brain

Aug 10, 2020

Have your thoughts been on edge and unfocused since the pandemic? It’s not your imagination: your brain IS working differently. COVID brain is characterized by impaired analytical ability and heightened external sensitivity. According to neuroscientists, this is the result of the prefrontal cortex being bombarded by ambiguous stimuli during the pandemic and looking outward for guidance on how to respond. As a result, our thoughts are on edge and scattered. It’s difficult to be productive. Here are two tips to cope and relax your brain.

Meditation. Numerous studies show that meditation practice strengthens attention and increases concentration. Now is a great time to start a practice as part of your pandemic survival plan.

Lo-fi. Music can relax the brain, but not all types of music are equally effective. Since the pandemic, subscriptions to Lo-fi channels have skyrocketed and for good reason. Neuroscientists say the repetition and predictability of the beat actually soothes the brain. Working with an endless loop of Lo-fi in the background, you may find you’re more relaxed and productive.

So, if your thoughts have been feeling on edge and scattered, try meditation and Lo-fi. You may find you’re more focused and productive.

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