Meditation and Mindfulness Therapy in NYC

teaching mindfulness skills and meditation

Dr. Napolitano has been teaching mindfulness skills and meditation for over a decade and specializes in developing quick and easy ways for clients to practice that can be incorporated into their daily life. She is committed to demystifying meditation and empowering clients to not feel dependent on apps.

Dr. Napolitano is available to teach mindfulness instruction and meditation to individuals and groups. By learning how to anchor awareness in the present moment, clients can decrease their anxiety and stress, and increase their enjoyment of life.



Meditation is an intentional practice where you focus inward to increase calmness concentration and emotional balance. It is one way to cultivate the skill of mindfulness, the ability to anchor one’s undivided and nonjudgmental awareness in the present moment. There are different types of meditation including breath awareness, loving kindness, mantra based, and gratitude meditation.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00-8:30 PM, Free Live Stream via Instagram Live


Meditation-Free Stress Management™

The most common workplace stress interventions involve intensive meditation practice and do not address specific situations in work and personal life that contribute to distress. We recognize that

intensive meditation practices can be off-putting to many individuals and for that reason offer Meditation-Free Stress Management Programs. These mindfulness-based programs, for individuals or groups, are based on cutting-edge evidence-based approaches and teach a variety of quick and easy ways to practice mindfulness that take less time than a meditation. They also teach skills for managing conflicts with coworkers, a primary source of workplace stress, as well as skills for managing emotions, and for tolerating distress.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-7 PM, via Zoom



“Dr. Lisa is insightful, engaging, and focused. With her help, I’ve strengthened my mindfulness skills and learned valuable strategies for navigating life’s challenges. Dr. Lisa understands me and supports me on my path to achieving my goals.”

“It’s rare to find a consistent space that invites both curiosity and compassion and simultaneously confronts the vulnerable challenges of unjustified feelings and unhelpful behaviors. Every week I enter the room with a challenge, either named or unnamed, sit alongside familiar faces — more often than not new strangers— and am connected by a universal problem. Through the process of mindful sharing and the learning of new tools, I leave grounded, validated, and secure in the weekly reminder I am enough, I have agency, and I have the responsibility to myself to continue unlearning and befriending my trauma in order to thrive.”

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