Concierge Psychologist

As a concierge psychologist in New York and Florida, I offer CBT and DBT to a limited number of clients who receive highly personalized care and attention. Unlike a clinic, a concierge psychology practice is not constrained by the oversight and limitations of managed care and insurance companies. You and I have the freedom to determine the best course of treatment for your needs. You will receive expert evidence-based treatment that has been customized for you. I will collaborate with referring mental health professionals and other members on your wellness team.

Concierge therapy begins with a comprehensive assessment to obtain an in-depth understanding of the problems you want help with. Trained in evidence-based therapy, I use well-researched and published questionnaires to assess current symptom levels so that we have a baseline to gage progress going forward. The problems assessed include difficulties in emotion regulation, as well as anxiety, mood disorders, and behavioral issues. All of this information is interpreted in the context of my initial clinical interview with you that lasts an hour. This meeting is used to obtain a brief history of the problems to be focused on and collaboratively decide the goals of treatment. Operating outside of the constraints of insurance, we have the freedom and flexibility to determine the frequency of weekly sessions and length of treatment.

To schedule an initial consultation, simply call us at (212)-546-9200.