Blending Modern Science and Ancient Shamanic Wisdom

Learn about the transformational power of sacred plant medicines and how to leverage them to optimize mindset, health, connection, and performance.

Join clinical psychologist Lisa Napolitano, Shaman Andy Sudbrock, and psychedelic integration coach Matt Simpson for a curated retreat from August 13th to August 18th at Imiloa, a 5-star eco-luxury resort dedicated to awakening human consciousness. Practice daily meditation and yoga, experience 2 plant medicine ceremonies, breathwork and educational workshops. Topics include mindfulness, microdosing fundamentals, and how to leverage the power of neuroplasticity to transform your mindset with CBT and the science of new habit formation.

Located on 22 acres in Dominical, Costa Rica, the resort offers luxurious accommodations, meals prepared by a 5-star vegan chef, and total immersion in nature.

The cost includes accommodations, airport transfers, private plane from San Jose Airport to Imiloa, all meals, daily yoga, meditation, 2 plant medicine ceremonies, waterfall excursion, breathwork facilitation, and educational workshops, including microdosing fundamentals, mindfulness, leveraging the power of neuroplasticity to optimize performance and life satisfaction, the science of new habit formation, and transforming your mindset.

Lisa Napolitano, J.D., Ph.D.

Lisa Napolitano is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center. She is the founder of CBT/DBT Associates, a concierge psychology practice in Miami and NY that specializes in harnessing the power of evidence-based treatments to help clients reach optimal performance and live more rewarding and fulfilling lives. Early in her psychology career, she gravitated towards mindfulness-based treatments that squared nicely with her own mindfulness practice and study of Buddhism. She specializes in teaching clients how to change the patterns in thinking, behavior, and emotional responses that cause distress. She is particularly interested in the clinical applications of psychedelics for anxiety, depression and substance abuse, as well as their potential to boost neuroplasticity and new habit formation. Her latest passion project is writing a book about the struggles to find happiness and meaning in a materialist world.

Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson is a psychedelic integration coach and the author of “Worth The Fight: Acting for a Better World, A Guide to Spirituality, Psychedelic Medicines, and Overcoming Trauma.” His mission is to help people maximize the benefit of psychedelic healing to live healthy, happy, strong, service-driven lives. Matt is obsessed with the intersection of post-traumatic growth, psychedelic integration & total human optimization. Having run companies in corporate America, wandered around the globe with nothing but a backpack on an 18-month healing journey, and through extensive research and personal experience with psychedelic plant medicines, Matt has danced on the razor’s edge of the mystical and the pragmatic. Since 2017, he has raised over $100k for our US war veterans, helping to facilitate over 100 psychedelic healing journeys for our veteran’s transition from post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth.

Andy Sudbrock

Andy Sudbrock is an Ecologist and Medicine Man who specializes in facilitating deeply mystical sacred plant ceremonies and nature reconnection experiences. People who work with Andy often have experiences so profound that they refer to them as the most meaningful experiences of their lives. Andy is deeply connected to the natural world and understands that most people live in a state of disconnection from the incredible healing power provided by Mother Earth. Andy is gifted in helping clients to reestablish their connection with Source and transforming lives through connection, deep healing, and shamanic practices. Andy is the founder of Sacred Path Retreats, and when he is not leading medicine retreats, he abides, and gardens at his nature sanctuary and forest preserve near Nashville, TN

Accommodation Descriptions



Perched on the edge of the cliff, at the furthest end of the property, sits a 170 year old home from the Java Islands named Jogolo. Complete with a writer’s desk, outdoor Balinese shower, and unique handcarved architecture, Jogolo is teeming with history, soul and comfort.1 King 1 – 2 Guest Capacity Ocean & Rainforest Views Wrap Around Sun Deck Private cold plunge pool No AC | Fans + Open-air construction that allow for natural ventilation


This two-floor imported home from Bali will have you wishing you’d never leave. Complete with a King Bed and a twin in the corner of the 180 year old home, Potoo combines open-air jungle luxury with unparalleled views of the Pacific ocean. On the lower level you will find a plunge pool and privatearea perfect for spa treatments. 1 King bed and 1 Twin bed. 300 square feet. 1 – 3 Guest Capacity Ocean & Rainforest Views Wrap Around Sun Deck Private cold plunge pool No AC | Fans + Open-air construction that allow for natural ventilation.

Accommodation Description


Our 3 Bali Suites are elegantly situated at the top of the mountain in the 200 year old Bali Village. The suites are located just a few steps away from our shared infinity pool, with gorgeous views overlooking the rainforest and the pacific ocean. AC


Inspired by sacred geometry, our 6 Geodesic River Domes, sits in the rainforest along the edge of our private river. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the flowing water paired with the vibrant sounds of the jungle.2 King beds or 4 twins 480 Sq. ft. Living Space 1 – 4 Guest Capacity Private Jungle deck Open-air shower with rainforest views AC


Our 6 Jungle Bungalows are in close proximity to our common area, and right on the pathway to our own private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and beautiful details. Spacious bathrooms with a shower and soaking tub looking out to the rainforest. 1 King bed or 2 twins 430 Sq. ft. Living


VIP Single (Jogolo/Poto):

$6,000* (includes 1-on-1 session with Dr. Lisa, Andy or Matt)

Singles (Bali M, Bali 1, Bali 2):


Singles (Bungalows):


Doubles (Domes 3-6, Bungalow 1):


Limited spaces (18) available. To register, contact *Register before 6/1 to receive a 10% discount.

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