Ride the Wave

There are probably hundreds of cliches to help us remember, but in the grips of an intense negative emotion, it’s easy to forget. Our emotions are temporary. It may seem like they will last forever, but they won’t. When we think our negative emotion won’t end, we’re more likely to do something impulsively to try […]

Transitioning to the New Normal

If you’re anything like me, when you look back at your quarantine/pandemic experience so far, you probably see distinct phases that you’ve transitioned through.  Each phase marked by different emotional challenges and associated coping strategies. As we enter the second year of the pandemic, it’s a good time to take stock of what coping strategies […]

In Defense of Narcissim

Some of my favorite clients are narcissists. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. So, I’ve been a little concerned about the bad rap narcissists are taking lately in the media. As a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of personality disorders, I’m here to tell you that not all individuals with narcissist personality disorder […]

Coping with COVID Brain

Have your thoughts been on edge and unfocused since the pandemic? It’s not your imagination: your brain IS working differently. COVID brain is characterized by impaired analytical ability and heightened external sensitivity. According to neuroscientists, this is the result of the prefrontal cortex being bombarded by ambiguous stimuli during the pandemic and looking outward for […]

Begin again

With so many self-improvement programs there are many stops and starts. We begin a practice to better our lives and then drift away from it. Maybe you start a running program, and after the initial enthusiasm wears off, one or 2 missed days turns into weeks without a single run. Or you start a gratitude […]

Coping with Disappointment

Disappointment is inevitable in life. Reality often fails to meet our expectations. Maybe you were looking forward with great anticipation to a first date. Your mind had raced ahead to fantasies of instant connection and a great romance only to meet and experience a complete lack of chemistry. Profound disappointment crashes in. You experience sadness […]

Radical Acceptance

There are times in life when it’s difficult to accept reality.  It’s human nature to refuse to accept pain or close ourselves off to the aspects of reality we don’t like or want. Sometimes we secretly hope that if we refuse to accept things as they are, they will change. From a Buddhist perspective, pain […]

10 Tips for Coping with Working Remotely and Social Distancing

1. Build Structure. Lack of daily structure can be a set up for worry, anxiety and negative emotions. Create a schedule for your work days including the start and end of the workday, with set times for meals and planned breaks. Having a regular routine will help you to maintain a positive mindset, increase productivity […]

Practice Noticing When You’re Wrong: Confirmation Bias

Our thoughts are not always facts. We’re all prone to errors or systematic biases in our thinking. As a result, our processing of information biased. For example, in depression and anxiety, thinking tends to be overly negative—little attention is paid to the positive and the neutral. One overarching thinking error is confirmation bias: we selectively […]