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Let go of your ex

Sep 15, 2020

If you’re hung up on your ex, you’re not alone. Surveys show almost half of all single people look at their ex’s social media profiles. And, while an occasional glance is not problematic, too much looking back can interfere with your moving forward. So, why do we do it? Unlike current relationships, past relationship are […]

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Coping with COVID Brain

Aug 10, 2020

Have your thoughts been on edge and unfocused since the pandemic? It’s not your imagination: your brain IS working differently. COVID brain is characterized by impaired analytical ability and heightened external sensitivity. According to neuroscientists, this is the result of the prefrontal cortex being bombarded by ambiguous stimuli during the pandemic and looking outward for […]

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Begin again

Jul 27, 2020

With so many self-improvement programs there are many stops and starts. We begin a practice to better our lives and then drift away from it. Maybe you start a running program, and after the initial enthusiasm wears off, one or 2 missed days turns into weeks without a single run. Or you start a gratitude […]

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Stop quitting on the finish line

Jul 22, 2020

So many times in life we feel like quitting. Maybe, we’ve been pursuing the same goal for a while, and it feels like we’re not getting anywhere. Sometimes quitting the best option. But most of the time when we quit we’ve given up too early. You can probably remember times you were about to quit […]

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Challenge the motivation myths

Jul 06, 2020

It’s a common myth that we need to feel motivated before we can do something. Sometimes we feel it, but often we sit around waiting for it and it never comes. As a result, many things never get done that would bring us closer to our personal and professional goals. Ideally, there is a desire […]

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Coping with Disappointment

Jun 15, 2020

Disappointment is inevitable in life. Reality often fails to meet our expectations. Maybe you were looking forward with great anticipation to a first date. Your mind had raced ahead to fantasies of instant connection and a great romance only to meet and experience a complete lack of chemistry. Profound disappointment crashes in. You experience sadness […]

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Invite sound in

May 18, 2020

So often it’s the case when we practice mindfulness we think we need to have silence. We may look for a quiet place in our living space to practice. Before the quarantine, we may have gone to a meditation studio. Then, when we hear noise we respond to it as an unwanted intrusion. Living in […]

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Don’t judge your emotions

May 11, 2020

Our emotions rise and fall like waves. Sometimes they’re factual, e.g., we feel fear because there is actual danger, sometimes they aren’t. Emotions are part of what makes us human. But, sometimes, as a result of particular life experiences, we can develop negative views or beliefs about our own emotions. These beliefs can lead to […]

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Create meaning

Apr 23, 2020

So often it’s the case we’re on a quest to find meaning in life. We assume there’s an inherent meaning and it’s our job to discover it. Alternatively we may look to others to tell us the meaning. And, if we don’t find it or learn it, we might assume it’s meaningless. In DBT we […]

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Find inspiration

Apr 13, 2020

Inspiration is the experience you have when someone or something sparks new ideas and possibilities. The spark of inspiration feels like a burst of positive energy and motivation. It can transform your mindset, changing how you see your abilities and the world. Beauty in art and music can spark creativity. The bravery of others can […]

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